Our Vision and Mission

In light of the current global events, our team here at Panda Ecommerce. is closely observing how COVID-19 is altering our everyday lives? Safety has been and will be standing at the top of our priorities—this unprecedented reality is no reason to stray away but instead to focus one’s powers for the greater, common good.

We decided to immediately employ all of our resources and tools in order to contribute to the fight against this unprecedented threat. Therefore, we connect suppliers all over the world including those based in Southeast Asia and China, to deliver “the best value for money” products to millions of buyers. Here, we pay extra attention to the safety of delivery by disinfecting the packaging of every order carefully.

We are actively helping business owners and households with abundant products in different categories, so that they could stay indoors while having immense access to daily necessities and doing business with our competitive supplies.

Our Features


We do this by giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.


We strive to have a positive impact on customers, employees, small businesses, the economy, and communities.


Through our algorithm, Panda E-commerce is empowered to match each customer with the nearest best products and suggest the most sustainable route for delivery.


We set up strict standards for quality control when selecting our suppliers and their products, to save time and energy for our clients. Additionally, each factory is enacting stringent measures for optimal hygiene, such as setting up sanitizing stations at each workstation and throughout the workplace, temperature-checking, and educating employees on health and safety.